Image Buttons
- Now Available in 3 pc. sets in 1" size

The Image Art Buttons are so named because many folks have told me they see images of faces, animals or what have you in the buttons. There are no 2 exactly alike but sets can be made to match, somewhat, by using the same color combinations. Each button is made individually without a mold, and varies in size from 1" to 2" in diameter.



Button Sets
- Sold as singles or pairs on cards

Also available, sets of all glass shank buttons in 4 sizes. These buttons are created with the help of a mold and therefore are fairly consistent in size. Please keep in mind, though, these are handcrafted individually and matched up as closely as possible. The variations in the buttons will make your garment or handcrafted creation like no other. Custom Buttons are available in several colors. See color chart below as a guide.






color chart

Please remember that glass color is like yarn color. It cannot be matched exactly unless it comes from the same batch.



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